Welcome to Misenjai Reviews: Reborn.

A reboot of my old review comic where I reviewed pretty much everything and anything. This time around, I'll also be allowing other reviewers to join to spice things up format and content wise, so feel free to apply if you wish; there will be a page that shows you what you need in your application to join. You are also allowed to review any form of media, including TV shows, books, and cartoons. There are some new rules and such, however... *You can send *your* webcomics in via site p.m. to me, and only me. *You can also suggest other media from separate creators. *Google Spreadsheet including every sent webcomic, reviewed webcomic, and future reviewed webcomic. *We can review any comic, including comics not on Smackjeeves.

Reviewers Needed (1)

Applications are open for the first time.
I will periodically open and close applications based on the current number of reviewers. Send in your applications after reading the related application requirements page.

posted by misenjai @ February 19th, 2017, 11:12 am   0 comments

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